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Popcorn is a popular and timeless snack that appeals to taste buds across generations. While the traditional buttery popcorn continues to be a beloved choice, the rise of veganism and the demand for healthier alternatives have led to the emergence of vegan microwave popcorn. As more and more people embrace a plant-based diet, finding the perfect vegan snack option is crucial.

Vegan microwave popcorn is made without any animal-derived ingredients, but it still packs a delicious flavor that will satisfy your cravings. A good vegan microwave popcorn should have a delectable taste, suitable for both vegans and non-vegans alike, while also maintaining a lower calorie count and less saturated fat compared to traditional buttery popcorn.

When searching for the perfect vegan microwave popcorn, pay close attention to factors like taste, ingredients, nutritional values, and ease of preparation. All these factors contribute to finding a popcorn brand that not only aligns with your dietary preferences but also provides the best overall snacking experience.

In order to help you find the ideal vegan microwave popcorn, we spent numerous hours researching and testing various options, ensuring that the selected choices offer mouthwatering flavors and a satisfying crunch. So, join us as we explore the best vegan microwave popcorn options available in the market today.

5 Best Vegan Microwave Popcorn

We are thrilled to present our list of the best vegan microwave popcorn options available! Discover the delicious, cruelty-free snacks that we absolutely love and can’t wait for you to try.

Jolly Time Simply Popped Sea Salt

Jolly Time Simply Popped Sea Salt

A perfect go-to snack for vegans and health-conscious folks, with a delightfully light sea salt flavor.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Gluten-free and 35 calories per cup
  • Vegan and non-GMO corn kernels


  • A bit too salty for some
  • A few un-popped kernels
  • Smaller bag size compared to other brands

We recently tried out Jolly Time Simply Popped Sea Salt and found it to be a fantastic vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free treat. The simplicity of having only three ingredients definitely gives it that natural, guilt-free appeal. It’s a wonderful alternative to the usual, unhealthy snacks and offers around 35 calories per cup, making it an easy pick for those watching their diet.

Each pack comes with four boxes containing three 3-ounce bags for a total of 12 microwave bags, so there’s plenty to share among family and friends. We were also pleased to find out that this tasty popcorn is made with non-GMO corn kernels and is free from lactose and milk products – certainly catering to a healthier lifestyle.

Although the flavor is generally satisfying, we did notice a bit of an issue for those of us with salt sensitivity. The taste might seem a tad too salty, but it doesn’t overpower the overall goodness of the popcorn. Another small downside worth mentioning is that a few kernels remained un-popped in the bag after microwaving, and the bags are slightly smaller compared to other brands.

All in all, we absolutely recommend Jolly Time Simply Popped Sea Salt as a light and savory vegan microwave popcorn snack perfect for enjoying movie nights or satisfying those afternoon cravings. Just keep in mind the saltiness, and you’re good to go. Happy snacking!

Nature’s Crush Flavored Gourmet Vegan Microwave Popcorn

Nature's Crush Popcorn

Spice up your snack time with Nature’s Crush Vegan Microwave Popcorn, for a zesty and delightful experience.


  • Popped with all-natural crushed herbs and spices for a unique flavor
  • 100% natural, GMO-free, and no artificial ingredients
  • Nutritionist-friendly with just 110 calories per 2.5 cup serving


  • Can be a bit pricey for microwave popcorn
  • Some may find the pepper flavor too intense
  • Correct cooking time may require a bit of experimentation

When we first tried Nature’s Crush Flavored Gourmet Vegan Microwave Popcorn, we were pleasantly surprised by the light and zesty flavor. The Lemon Pepper Garlic Blend brings a bold and citrusy twist to traditional microwavable popcorn, making it an exciting snack option.

One thing we noticed is that it’s essential to carefully follow the cooking instructions; it’s better not to overcook (we recommend starting with 2 min 30 seconds). This will lead to an optimal taste and texture with almost every kernel popped. However, this might take some trial and error to get it just right with your specific microwave.

Despite being a bit pricier than other microwave popcorn options, Nature’s Crush uses high-quality ingredients that make it worth the splurge. The popcorn is 100% natural, GMO-free, and contains no artificial flavor or color, making it a healthier alternative. Plus, the calorie count is only 110 per 2.5 cup serving, and it contains no sugar or trans fat, making it a guilt-free indulgence.

In summary, Nature’s Crush Flavored Gourmet Vegan Microwave Popcorn is a delicious and intriguing snack that adds excitement to your popcorn experience. If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic and healthier than traditional microwave popcorn, this Lemon Pepper Garlic Blend is definitely worth a try. Just be prepared for a little trial and error when it comes to cooking time, and keep in mind that the pepper flavor might be a bit intense for some palates.

SkinnyPop Butter Microwave Popcorn Bags, Healthy Snacks

SkinnyPop Butter Microwave Popcorn Bags

You’ll love indulging in this delicious and healthy popcorn treat that’s perfect for any occasion.


  • Only 30 calories per cup
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO
  • Dairy-free, peanut-free, and tree nut-free


  • Some may find it too salty
  • Not as buttery as some prefer
  • Packaging can be a bit odd

We recently tried out SkinnyPop Butter Microwave Popcorn Bags and enjoyed the light, fluffy texture of the popcorn. The popcorn pops perfectly every time, and we appreciate that it is a healthier option compared to other microwave popcorn brands. It’s a great choice for kids’ lunches or just a snack for ourselves.

However, some of us felt that the popcorn was a tad too salty, especially compared to the pre-popped version. If you’re sensitive to salt, this might not be the ideal popcorn for you. Additionally, those looking for a rich, buttery flavor may be slightly disappointed, as this popcorn has a more subtle and lighter butter taste.

Another minor issue we experienced was the packaging, which was a bit unusual, but that didn’t affect the overall quality of the popcorn. We’d still recommend SkinnyPop Butter Microwave Popcorn Bags for anyone looking for a healthier and guilt-free yet tasty snack option. Overall, it’s a great option when craving something delicious and satisfying without the extra calories or artificial ingredients.

SkinnyPop Microwave Sea Salt Popcorn Bags

SkinnyPop Microwave Sea Salt Popcorn Bags

SkinnyPop Microwave Sea Salt Popcorn Bags is the perfect guilt-free treat for your movie night, with a great taste and superior quality ingredients.


  • Premium popcorn kernel with no GMOs, gluten, or preservatives
  • Comes in a chemical-free microwave bag
  • Only 25 calories per cup, allergen-friendly, and no harmful chemicals


  • Some people might find the flavor too subtle
  • Can be considered overpriced when purchased individually
  • Only 2.8oz per bag, which might be too small for big gatherings

We recently tried SkinnyPop Microwave Sea Salt Popcorn Bags for a movie night at our house, and we were instantly impressed with the quality and taste of the popcorn. The premium popcorn kernels, sunflower oil, and just the right amount of sea salt made it a delectable, guilt-free snack that left us craving more.

What caught our attention was the fact that the popcorn is made without GMOs, gluten, or preservatives, making it a healthier option compared to other microwave popcorn brands. It also comes packaged in a chemical-free microwave bag – a perk for those who are concerned about harmful chemicals in traditional microwave popcorn bags.

The taste is light and pleasant, with a delicious sea-salt flavor that doesn’t overpower the popcorn’s natural taste. The end product is a perfectly fluffy and crunchy snack, great for enjoying with friends and family during movie night or game night, or even as a Halloween treat for kids.

The main downside we found was that the flavor, which is perfect for some, might be too subtle for those who prefer stronger flavors. Also, if purchasing single bags, it can be a bit pricey compared to other brands. Lastly, the bags are smaller at just 2.8oz, which might not be enough for larger gatherings.

Overall, we believe SkinnyPop Microwave Sea Salt Popcorn Bags are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a healthier, delicious, and guilt-free treat for their movie night or any snacking occasion. With its superior quality ingredients and chemical-free packaging, SkinnyPop offers a satisfying and enjoyable popcorn experience.

JOLLY TIME Simply Popped Sea Salt Vegan Microwave Popcorn

JOLLY TIME Simply Popped Sea Salt Vegan Microwave Popcorn

This tasty and healthy popcorn is perfect for anyone looking for a delicious vegan and gluten-free snack.


  • Non-GMO kernels and 100% whole grain
  • Gluten-free and kosher certified
  • Quick and easy preparation


  • Might be salty for some tastes
  • Only 3 bags per box
  • Lacks a buttery flavor

We recently tried JOLLY TIME Simply Popped Sea Salt Vegan Microwave Popcorn, and it has quickly become a favorite in our household. The popcorn has delectable whole grain kernels and is made without any artificial preservatives or dyes, making it not only tasty but also a healthier choice.

One thing we particularly enjoyed about this popcorn is that it’s a quick and easy snack. Each box comes with three 3-ounce bags that yield 11 cups of popped popcorn, and it took only minutes to prepare. We found it perfect for movie nights or an afternoon treat while working from home.

Despite being a healthier alternative, the flavor did not disappoint. The sea salt provided just enough taste without being overpowering. While some of our family members thought it was slightly salty, it wasn’t a deal-breaker. Those who usually enjoy buttered popcorn may miss the buttery flavor, but we appreciated the natural taste of the JOLLY TIME Simply Popped popcorn.

In conclusion, we highly recommend JOLLY TIME Simply Popped Sea Salt Vegan Microwave Popcorn if you’re in search of a delicious, guilt-free snack. It’s made with high-quality ingredients and is perfect for individuals with dietary restrictions or just looking for a healthier and quick option. Give it a try, and you might find yourself reaching for this popcorn during your next movie marathon!

Best Vegan Popcorn Buying Guide

We all love a good movie night with a big bucket of popcorn, and thanks to the variety of vegan microwave popcorn options available, we can indulge guilt-free! Here’s what you should look out for when choosing the best product for you.


When shopping for vegan microwave popcorn, the ingredients list should be one of our primary considerations. Check for any animal-derived ingredients or additives such as dairy, lactose, or casein. A short and simple ingredient list is not only easy to understand but usually means fewer artificial additives.


Vegan microwave popcorn comes in various flavors, from the classic buttery taste to exciting gourmet options. While choosing the flavor ultimately depends on personal preference, it’s worth taking note of the various options available to find one that appeals to our taste buds.


Microwave popcorns are usually packaged in bags or boxes containing multiple servings. Consider the size of the package and the number of bags included to suit our snacking needs, whether it be for an occasional treat or a regular movie marathon. Choose packaging that has clear vegan labels, and be mindful of eco-friendly options.


Although popcorn is a healthier snack option, it’s still essential to pay attention to nutritional information. Compare the calories, fat, and sodium content per serving to make an informed decision. Look for popcorns with zero or minimal amounts of trans fat and low sodium content.


The price of vegan microwave popcorn can vary depending on factors such as brand, ingredients, and packaging. It’s essential to compare prices and assess if the product offers good value for money. Remember that sometimes, paying a little extra for higher quality ingredients can be well worth the investment.

Online Reviews

Reading online reviews from fellow consumers can help give us a better understanding of the overall product quality, taste, and satisfaction. Pay attention to any recurring complaints or compliments to help make a more accurate assessment of the vegan microwave popcorn in question.

With these considerations in mind, we can confidently choose the best vegan microwave popcorn for our next movie night. Happy snacking!

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