Can You Microwave a Red Solo Cup? That’s a No.

Red solo cups. We are know what they are, whether from playing beer pong or just having them on hand because they’re so darn convenient.

Have you ever wondered; can you microwave a red solo cup? I know I had. I mean, it’s the most popular cup in America, so it must be able to withstand the heat, right? I’ll admit, I’ve poured soup and liquids in a red solo cup and microwaved it before. But that was before I knew better.

No, you cannot and should not ever microwave a red solo cup! These single-use cups are not designed to be exposed to heat. The cup itself can melt and become deformed. Red solo cups are also made of a plastic that should never be microwaved due to leaching chemicals!

In this blog post, we’ll look at why you shouldn’t microwave a red solo cup in more detail and some great alternatives for you to use instead!

Read on to learn more!

Can You Microwave a Red Solo Cup?

You should not microwave a red solo cup for several reasons! We have them listed below.

Health Risks

Red solo cups are primarily made with a polystyrene plastic which has been linked to several adverse health effects. The National Toxicology Program listed styrene, which is leached when polystyrene is heated, as an anticipated human carcinogen. People can be exposed to styrene through inhalation or through the conversion of polystyrene to styrene when exposed to heat.

The Manufacturer Says No

When in doubt, you should always follow the instructions of the manufacturer. And in this case, Solo specifically says red solo cups are not intended for microwave use or to hold hot liquids.

It Will Potentially Melt

Red Solo Cups are very thin! If microwaved on high temperatures for a long amount of time, you risk melting the plastic and the liquid causing a mess in your microwave. And then you could potentially damage your microwave.

What Happens if you Put a Red Solo Cup in the Microwave?

If you go against our guidance and the guidance of the manufacturer, you might end up with a mess in your microwave. Not only that, but it could damage your microwave!

Melting and Deformation

One time I accidently placed a red solo cup on the stove. Even though I had it turned off, it WAS still quite warm. I came back a few hours later and the cup was completely deformed. The texture was softer and certain spots were so thin, a hole could appear.

Now, imagine the above happening in the microwave. Your cup would begin melting, leaving a big mess to clean up.

Heat Related Burns

The FDA warns of heat related burns due to overheating and exploding liquids. Trying to microwave liquid in a red solo cup can result in overheating and a potential explosion. Red Solo Cups will heat up very quickly since they are not designed to be exposed to heat. They will be very hot to handle when heated.

To be on the safe side, do not heat up your beverage or liquid in a red solo cup! There are plenty of other options to choose from.

What Disposable Cups Are Microwave Safe?

You can microwave Dixie disposable paper cups! Dixie does advise though, that their products are to be used for reheating only. We do not recommend using Dixie cups if you need to boil water or cook soup. Only reheat your liquid or beverage to an appropriate temperature.

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