Can You Microwave Tervis Cups? Not All of Them

If you’re like me, you love your Tervis mugs and cups. They keep your drinks hot or cold, they’re durable, and they’re just plain cool.

But can you microwave Tervis cups? Turns out, it can depend. Tervis labels all of their products. There are three specific microwave labels to be aware of.

  • Microwave Safe. You can safely microwave this mug.
  • Microwave When Full. Only microwave this mug when full.
  • Do Not Microwave. This mug is not safe to put in the microwave.

You can find the microwave label on the bottom of mugs and cups!

In this post, we’ll give you detailed instructions on the best way to microwave Tervis cups!

So read on to learn more.

A collection of 4 Tervis tumblers

What is Tervis?

Tervis is an iconic American brand that is famous for its insulated cups, mugs, and tumblers. Founded in 1946, what started out as a small company has become a go-to source for quality goods that keeps drinks cold or hot for hours on end. Tervis is a family-owned, Florida-based drinkware company.

Their products are made with double-wall construction to keep drinks hot or cold for longer and reduce condensation. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe, so you can easily reheat your drink or clean it after use.

Tervis offers thousands of designs to choose from, including custom options with photos, names, and monograms. You can find their products in stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, The Home Depot, Target, Amazon, and Wayfair.

What are Tervis Cups?

Tervis offers a wide variety of cups and mugs that are perfect for any occasion. From classic tumblers to insulated stainless steel mugs, you can find the perfect cup or mug for your needs. Tervis also offers a selection of colorful and patterned designs, so you can express your unique style. Whether you’re looking for something to keep your drinks hot or cold, Tervis has the perfect cup or mug for you.

Tervis tumblers feature double-wall insulated construction that keeps drinks hot or cold longer and reduces condensation to prevent rings on your table. They come in a variety of sizes, from 4-pack 16 ounce clear tumblers to 24 ounce tumblers with travel lids. You can also find stainless steel tumblers with vacuum insulation that will keep your drink at the desired temperature for hours.

Can You Microwave Tervis Cups?

Tervis cups are a popular and beloved brand of insulated drinkware that’s ideal for keeping drinks hot or cold. But can you safely microwave them? Turns out, with some careful instructions, the answer is yes! But before you put any Tervis drinkware in the microwave, make sure you check the bottom for the microwave label. There are three labels that Tervis uses.

Microwave Safe

If your mug or tumbler says “microwave safe” or does not say anything at all, you can safely put this cup in the microwave for up to 30 seconds at a time.

Microwave When Full

Some of Tervis’s drinkware have colorful materials on them that create designs. These will be labeled with a “microwave when full” sticker and can be safely microwave only when full of liquid, leaving an inch of room at the top.

Do Not Microwave

This drinkware is not safe for microwave use. It will typically refer to their stainless steel mugs and thermoses, but always double check!

Are Tervis Plastic Mugs Microwave Safe?

Are you curious if you can heat up your favorite hot beverage in a Tervis plastic mug? Good news, Tervis plastic mugs are made specifically for the microwave!

Check drinkware for wear and tear

It’s important to check your cup for signs of wear or modification, as microwaving may cause them to crack.

Remove lid

Additionally, if a lid is included with your cup, it should be removed before microwaving. Per guidance given on their site, none of the lids are microwave safe

All these steps will ensure that you’ll be able to safely and successfully use your beloved Tervis cup in the microwave.

Are Tervis Cups Heat Safe?

Tervis mugs and cups are the perfect way to keep your favorite hot beverages hot for a longer amount of time. They feature an insulated double-walled construction with a tight sealing lid, which helps to reduce heat loss and prevent condensation from forming on the outside walls. The insulation also acts as an effective barrier to preserve the temperature of the beverage within. The air pocket between the two walls acts as an extra layer of insulation, trapping in heat and maintaining its temperature significantly longer than standard cup or mug products.

Tervis designs their drinkware to be able to withstand this heat.

Are There Any Safety Concerns Microwaving Tervis?

Generally speaking, it is safe to use Tervis drinkware in the microwave if it’s labelled as microwave safe. Their products have been BPA free since 2011, so you won’t have to worry about any hazardous chemicals leaching into your food or beverages.

What’s So Special About Tervis Tumblers?

Have you ever heard of tervis tumblers? Sure, they look like any standard insulated beverage container but tervis tumblers have a special twist. Tervis is an American-made brand that makes BPA-free bottles, stainless steel and plastic insulated cups, and kids cups. Not only are their products affordable and made to last a lifetime, but they also look great! Tervis combines a modern yet timeless style with an extra layer of insulation so your drinks stay hot or cold for hours on end. Plus there are tons of fun designs so your cup can match whatever mood you’re in. So the next time you’re looking for the perfect reusable cup, make sure to check out Tervis Tumblers – after all, there’s something special about them!

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Tervis cups are safe to microwave as long as you follow the proper instructions. Make sure to remove the lid and any metal before microwaving. If you’re microwaving a Tervis mug, make sure to read the microwave label on the bottom. Tervis tumblers are made with double-walled insulation that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, so they’re also great for taking on the go.

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